GERMAN - Goethe


There are over 100 million native German speakers and approximately 32 million non native German speakers worldwide. German is the recognised native language of 6 European countries and also the recognised minority language of a further ten European countries. German is the most widely spoken language within the European Union, the second most spoken language in Europe and the twelfth most spoken language in the world.
German is undoubtedly a language for the arts, science and business. It is the official language of major organisations such as the European Union, World Intellectual Property Organisation and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association.
Learning German opens many doors to learners, including careers in precision engineering, international relations, business, law, government and academy.
At Yumi Language Academy, we offer Goethe A1-C2 courses in German. The Goethe Institut is the market leader for German speaking qualifications and they provide the qualifications and tests throughout their Instituts and licensed partners. Goethe qualifications are recognised globally and can help you progress to the next stage of your education or career.


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