ITALIAN - CELI (Certificate di Lingua Italiana)


There are approximately 65 million native Italian speakers and around 3 million non native Italian speakers worldwide. Italian is the recognised native language of six European countries and also a recognised minority language in a further three European countries. Italian is ranked at number twenty one on the most spoken languages worldwide. Nevertheless, it is a popular and fun language to learn.
Learning Italian will open up many opportunities, including finding work abroad in industries such as fashion and beauty, the luxury car industry, manufacturing, tourism and education.
Italian is an official language of major organisations such as the Holy See and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.
At Yumi Language Academy, we offer CELI A1-C2 courses in Italian. The Università Stranieri Perugia is one of only four official organisations to provide the qualifications and tests on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CELI is a globally recognised qualification and can help you progress to the next stage of your education or career.


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