Studying German can be very motivating

Studying German can be very motivating

If you want to work and live in Germany, start studying German at Yumi Academy now.

We are excited to share with you the details of our new German course. This is aimed at foreign nurses and doctors who want to work in the German healthcare system. This outstanding course is aimed at preparing you for the medical competency exam required by Deutsche Ärztekammer. At Yumi Academy ​​we are experts in exam preparation and have a 100% success rate with all of our German courses to date.

The Deutsche Ärztekammer competency test for medical professionals in Germany, includes questions on internal medicine and surgery, with questions on complementary aspects of emergency medicine, imaging procedures, clinical pharmacology, radiation protection, and legal questions related to professional medical practice.

The learning will be undertaken in a professional and stimulating environment. Students will study new texts and vocabulary and use their learning to have meaningful conversations during class. Additionally, they will listen to purposeful audios for full comprehension of the German language in various contexts related to health.

Students will enjoy a variety of motivational texts to improve their language skills. These texts enable students to prepare for their future jobs in the German healthcare sector by exposing them to the medical and anatomical vocabulary used in German healthcare settings.

A B2 level of German is required to join this course. If you already hold this qualification or a higher one, you can begin your journey to a new life in Germany immediately. Otherwise, we can offer you the A1 - B1 German courses, to reach the level required to access the medical course. This course is unique to our academy and classes are taught by an outstanding and highly qualified, native German teacher who is also a fully trained and qualified nurse in Germany. Exam preparation is guaranteed with the calibre of our staff!

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